About Us

Through our extensive network of mental healthcare providers and therapeutic residential programs, LCF identifies families who are in need of financial assistance and funds their continued therapy. 100% of all donations go directly defraying their mental healthcare costs.

Juli Frawley

Founding Director and President

Juli is the mother of 3 children, who well understands the huge strain that is put the entire family when a child suffers with a behavioral or substance abuse issue.

3 years ago, at 19 years old, her daughter became extremely depressed as a freshman in college and quickly fell into an addictive pattern of using illegal drugs to self medicate. Her road to recovery has included stays at several residential treatment programs, as well as extensive outpatient treatment with therapists and life coaches. At present, all three children and doing well and attending schools in New England.

Juli has volunteered for several years with fundraising efforts to open the doors to Astra Zeneca Hope Lodge in Boston. She has also worked as an interactive music educator with young children in the Boston Metro West area. Juli lives in Boston, MA and Kennebunkport, Maine with her husband, Andy.

Lara Balter

Founding Director and Treasurer

Lara has extensive experience in accounting and financial fields: as a tax accountant with Arthur Andersen, Chief Financial Officer of Sherbrooke Associates and VP of Operations Instinct Health Science, Inc. Lara has also volunteered extensively at her children’s schools in the Boston area. She lives in Wellesley, MA with her husband and four children.

Lara’s passion for mental healthcare and charitable work was instilled by her mother, who worked full-time as a Licensed Social Worker and founded a mental heath care agency as well as after-school programs in Roxbury, MA.

"When you're not afraid to show your scars,
you become a lighthouse for someone else".

- Jon Ascoff


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